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Our Sunflower Farm

Here at Ruby's Little Red Barn and Sunflower Farm we grow Pro Cut Seeds.  These seeds produce beautiful single bloom stems without pollen that are perfect for any floral arrangement. 

We have a vast variety of Sunflowers to pick from including:

Our Original Breeds:

Brilliance- stunning deep yellow color

Orange- perfect orange/fall color

Lemon- delicate pale yellow color

Horizon Upright- nice brilliant yellow orange color with upright heads

Our Novelty Breeds:

White Night- pure white petals with brown center

Red- deep red colored petals with black centers

Red Lemon- deep red center on petals with a splash of pale yellow on the ends

Bi-color- nice deep orange color on center of petals with a brilliant yellow on ends

Plum- almost pink in color with a deep red centered petal that fades lighter to the ends



Bulk Discounts Available

Not only do we sell Sunflowers, but we arrange them too!

Floral Arrangement Fees:

Bridal Bouquet- $20

Bridesmaids Bouquet- $15

Corsage- $15

Boutonniere- $10

*Arrangement Fees are added to cost of flowers and supplies unless provided by customer

Other arrangements are possible as well please inquire for more details

Sunflowers are in bloom July through September

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