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If these walls could talk...

Ruby's Little Red Barn was once a thriving reception hall in our area.  Known as The Little Red Barn it was the brainchild of Ruby and Oscar Hanefeld and their family. The reception hall served our area for over 25 years between the early sixties and late eighties. Making it one of the oldest barn venues in Indiana. Thousands of memories were made here, and we intend on making thousands more!

Turning a Vision into Reality

My husband and I purchased the property in 2011.  Unfortunately, the barn was in pretty bad shape at the time.  It would take a ton of work to bring this place back to it's former glory  However, the stories I have heard over the years and the memories this place holds have been my driving force to renovate this landmark for my community and future generations. It is truly an honor and a blessing to preserve this barn's legacy.

Dreams without Goals are just dreams...

My goal is to not only make this beautiful barn thrive again, but to make it a premiere barn venue! Adding our years of experience in  hospitality services and specialties combined with some of the areas most trustworthy and reputable vendors, we can provide the most effortless and memorable event. This is my passion, and my team and I are more than excited to help you with your next event.  Schedule a consultation today!

Jessica Erpelding
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